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The knowledge of an experienced broker to steer you through the twists and turns of state and federal regulations regarding real estate transactions.



Honest answers to your toughest questions and concerns. Our reputation is what we have traded upon for more than two decades, Our realationship does not end at the sale or purchase.


A complimentary market analysis of your current property – Even if you are not ready to make a move, this is a very useful tool to have.


A trustworthy team who has been assisting buyers and sellers for over 30 years. Our survival is an immediate result of the of deep and long lasting relationships created by trust.

“I am confident in my ability to make the process of buying or selling as painless and fun as possible. As your representative, I will go the extra mile in helping you sell your home at the best price. Your interests are my top priority. I look forward to getting acquainted with you and answering any questions you may have.”

-Cheryl Brush

Moseley Associates’ leading real estate broker for Vermont and New Hampshire

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